Author archives: Lifelike Pictures

Tabula Rasa

Hans, a young man from Serui, Papua, has a dream of becoming a professional football player. Yet fate has a different agenda, when Hans almost loses his will to live he meets Mak, owner of a humble Minangnese restaurant (lapau). In the midst of their differences, Hans and Mak find their similarities. Dreams and the…

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Modus Anomali

A man is on a holiday in the woods with his wife and two kids when they are surprised by the arrival of an uninvited guest. Suddenly, he experiences a time lapse. Before he understands what’s going on, he finds himself separated from his family. And when he starts finding several alarm clocks that seem…

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Pintu Terlarang (The Forbidden Door)

The life of a successful sculptor is turned upside down when he begins receiving mysterious messages from somebody who’s asking for his help. When he stumbles upon an illegal TV broadcast, which offers snuff, he finds out that the person who’s trying to reach him is a 7-year-old boy who has been kept and abused…

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