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Watch The Mouth-Watering Trailer For TABULA RASA

By William Chandra I still remember the opening scene from Ang Lee’s Eat, Drink, Man, Woman, one of the most mouth-watering scenes ever, which alone has great repeat viewing value and shows a lot about one culture and the story that follows. The new trailer for Tabula Rasa hit me in exactly the same way, highlighting the…

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The Forbidden Door — Film Review

“The Forbidden Door” would make Hitchcock and Almodovar proud. Its protagonist, a sculptor who is both inspired and haunted by female reproduction, becomes hooked on a warped reality show that unlocks childhood secrets behind the ‘forbidden door’ in his own home. Joko Anwar accessorizes his creepy suspense-horror with a dazzling array of auteur-homage, Freudian psychobabble,…

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